Happy Birthday Joseph!!

On August 22 Joseph turned 34 years old! Wowsers! He's getting old. He got to work on his birthday so we partied on the 24th instead. I think he had a pretty good day. He spent most of it on the front porch working on his RC airplane. Here's the cutest birthday boy ever!I didn't have very much wrapping paper so he got about 4 things stuffed in that little bag!Hands down Joe is the hardest person to pick presents for. I walked aimlessly around the store waiting for something to reach out to me from the shelves. He ended up getting some really random gifts, like a camping pad! Woo hoo!Penny and I got to try out the camp pad. Pretty comfy (I got one for myself too!)

Earlier in the day I had lots of helpers in the kitchen making daddy's cake.
Eliza designed the cake a few days before his birthday and then she helped me every step of the way to get it as perfect as possible. I think it turned out looking pretty good! Here's the design.
Here's the cake!
Look at all those candles!Look at all that smoke! Here's Joe's special piece of cake!Happy Birthday Joe! We love you!