Happy Birthday to...Me!!

I would have been fine if my birthday was completely ignored this year, but after the fact I sure was glad my family threw me a party. Best of all I didn't have to make dinner! My mom gave me this cupcake cook book, it has some really cute ideas in it. Before I got to look through it the kids each went through it and picked their favorites!
Joe got me a heart rate monitor. I've been wanting one for sometime so I was happy with it!

The kids got me M&M's (I think they're hoping that I'll share!)I've also been asking for 5 lb. weights for over a year. I have 3 lb, 8 lb, and 10 lb so I'm excited to have the 5 lb ones now! It'll help counterbalance the M&M's, right?!
Here's the love of my life that made it all happen!
Look at all that fire! Man, I'm getting old!
Joe purposely put the candles close together so it would produce a bigger flame.
Make a wish!!
So far my 31st year has been great! I'm excited for what lies ahead and for the adventures I'll have!