I guess it was bound to snow sometime...

We had our first snowfall this week and everyone in my family was excited except me. I like snow when its on a calendar page or on a Christmas movie but I dislike snow when I have to shovel it, drive in it, worry about Joe driving in it and the list goes on and on. Lucky for my family it was wet snow, which we don't usually get here, and they got to have snowball fights and make snowmen. I sat on the porch with the camera wrapped in a blanket. Penny thought it was great fun and it even tastes good!Andrew and Matthew in pursuit with their snowballs.You can't have snow without some snow angels.Eliza made a snow baby and carried it around for quite awhile. It's safely by the mama snowman now.It's a good thing Joe was home because he did all the heavy lifting.I guess Molly likes how the snow tastes too. Don't worry it was white snow!!Matthew made his own snowman, here he is rolling it up.And here's the final product. Good job!!Here's the mama snowman.

She got her hair all done up perdy like.
Here she is with her gardening hat on.
The kids (with daddy's help) made a snowfort that turned into a caterpillar.
Here's the caterpiller.
I saved the best picture for last. Joe is looking fine!! I can't stop laughing!!