Just dumping photos!

I haven't done a "random picture" post for awhile so I decided to go ahead and do one. These first pictures were taken a couple months ago after church. Who could resist taking a picture of these cuties?This is the Molly we all know and love! This picture is what happens when one of the kids has the camera and just walks around taking pictures!Penny after church on a sunny day. (Why won't the sun just stay???)I don't usually take pictures of babies in their diapers but I couldn't help myself. I had changed her diaper and then went to get her some clothes, when I came back she was up on the horsey so I put a flower on her and we did our own little photo shoot.I do not claim to be a professional photographer but I think they turned out pretty cute!
I can't believe how big my babies have gotten! Tomorrow Dallin's going to leave on his mission and Eliza will be gushing about boys!I tried to get some cute pictures of the girls in their spring dresses but no one wanted to cooperate, this is the best I could do!
I love this face!!The other day I put the kids to work mopping the kitchen floor. I thought it was great that even Penny joined in. Again, I'm not sure why she's only in a diaper.What good helpers!Matthew was fixing Molly's hair. They were both VERY serious about the whole matter!Matthew sucking his nose shut!Last Friday at the school they had a Mother's Day picnic for all the 3rd and 4th graders. So, I packed up a picnic and we had a nice lunch together. It looks like a beautiful day but it was a bit on the cold side. By the time we left Molly was shivering and Penny's little fingers were starting to turn purplish. These last pictures are significant if you know our little Molly. She NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, wears pants. She prefers dresses and skirts. When we went to the school for our picnic I coerced her into wearing jeans and she looked so adorable I just had to document the occasion! I just love my kids and husband and am so thankful I have been blessed with them.