Latest Craft Project

About a week ago I went to my friend Tiffany's, and with her help I made a Chrstmas Planner. I had a lot of fun and I think the planner turned out pretty cute. Now I can keep my Christmas brain organized in one place. When Eliza saw what I had made she really wanted to make one too but we decided a journal would be more useful for her. After we finished hers all the other kids saw it and asked if I would make them one also. So, 4 notebooks later I made everyone (except Penny, I didn't think she'd appreciate my handiwork) their own journal. I think they turned out nice and the kids were very excited. I should have saved them for Christmas but I didn't think about that until they already had them. Here's mine and Eliza's.
Dallin and Andrew's, they all got to pick out the paper they wanted. Dallin likes dark green and Andrew is a huge fan of orange.

Matthew and Molly's. Matthew has already filled out several pages with pictures he's drawn. I think he's used his the most out of everyone.
These journals have kind of got me into the crafty mood. I think tomorrow I'll sew some blankets or something. :)