Mauery Reunion 2010 - Park City

July 7-10 was the annual Mauery Reunion in Park City Utah. We got a big house up the canyon and had lots of fun with the people we love. On Thursday we went to Temple Square. Here's Penny still fresh and happy in her stroller. That didn't last long!My brother Vernon with his bandana and beard, he scared small children. ;)Dallin, Benjamin, and Ryan.Here are the cousins at the reflection pool. Luckily no one fell in...this time!Where's Waldo? Can you find Elder and Sister Mauery in the window looking down at all of us. They are on their mission and work in the Joseph Smith Building. We're glad they got to spend the afternoon and evenings with us.Some of the kids at a fountain. Their favorite thing about Temple Square was all the water, I don't know how many times I heard a parent say, "Come away from the water."Here's my favorite picture of the Salt Lake Temple.Enjoying the shade and the flowers.Emily and Eliza taking a break.When we went in the Visitor's Center Penny didn't want to be in her stroller but she didn't want to stay with our group either. We spent some time playing on the stairs and just walking around.My two little girls hugging on the stairs.We went up to see the Christus and the kids were reverent and some even commented on feeling the Spirit. Here are 15 of the 20 grandkids in front of Jesus.On Friday we went to the Planetarium at the Gateway and the kids really had a good time. My kids favorite part was walking on Mars and the Moon. Here's Grandma showing the kids how to walk on the moon. Priceless!Penny spent most of her time on the moon. She was having the time of her life climbing on the rocks.Here's Penny and Molly sitting on the moon with Earh in the background.Eliza, Molly, and Andrew on Mars.Here's Charlie on the moon.Back at the house that night the kids put on a play they had been working on for 2 days. It was about Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens, Knights and Horses. It was cute and all the kids had a fun time putting it on. Here are a couple pictures from their production.The last day there I got some shots of the cousins and some of the adults. It's always sad to say goodbye at the end of a reunion. We all had such a good time and even though we were all tired I wouldn't trade those few days for anything! Here's Annie and Penny, they wouldn't stay still long enough to take a good picture.The girls: Nicole, Eliza, Emily, and Ariana.Andrew and Nathan.Dallin, Benjamin, and Ryan.Molly and Jaren, they were bestfriends. It was so cute to see them together.Me and my Mommy.Nancy, Sarah, and Mary.Chanin and Lauren.Timothy and Vernon, so sweet!Here's the Olympic Ski Jump Slopes that are in Park City. Pretty neat!We had a long drive home through hours of road construction but thankfully the kids were good and we made it back home safe and sound. It's nice to be home but we sure do miss our cousins, brothers and sisters, mom and dad, aunts and uncles, and nieces and nephews. We are so thankful for our family and we sure love them. *sniff*