My heart is full

Nine years ago today tragedy struck America. Lives were lost for no good purpose. Shock and grief spread across the nation as millions of people watched the attack of terrorists. It struck the core of America, the land of the free had been violated. The feelings and emotions from that day are still with me today. I remember the disbelief, the confusion, the heart felt sorrow. I couldn't wrap my brain around how someone could be so evil as to mastermind the whole thing. I still can't. Then, in the aftemath we watched as hundreds of volunteers searched ground zero for the fallen bodies. We watched as citizens of this great nations joined hands and hearts to rebuild our shaken foundation. We watched how a horrific event brought together a nation. Now, years later do we still remember those fallen people. Do we hold our loved ones close and tell them we love them. Do we recognize and honor those who defend our country, our cities, and our homes. I hope I can do better. I hope our nation can stay strong and once again join our hands and hearts and show the evil in the world that we are not broken. God bless the USA.