New Coat of Paint

We did some rearranging of children and their beds and ended up with 3 boys in a room, Eliza and Molly sharing, and Penny by herself. Eliza had been sharing with Matthew so when she realized she was going to have an all girls room she decided she wanted pink walls. Molly did not complain about that. So, we got the paint, taped off the ceiling and molding and started painting. All the kids got a turn with the roller and then Joe and I finished the job. It turned out pretty good, we still want to add some finishing touches, like crown molding. Here are the pictures of our little helpers. Eliza went first.Dallin did a pretty big spot.Andrew didn't really want to do it but since everyone else was he did too. His turn wasn't very long!Matthew needed my help.Molly really wanted to do it herself but the roller was just too heavy.Penny even got in on the action.I'm not sure why I don't have any pictures of Joe but he did all the painting around the corners and edges while I filled it in with the roller. We make a great team!!