Quick trip to Salt Lake

This past weekend my sister, Nancy, and I made a quick trip to Salt Lake to visit our parents. We rented a car and headed south. The trip down was fun, we spent the time talking and laughing. We got there in time for some yummy chicken pot pie for dinner, followed by some divine keylime pie. After dinner we headed to Temple Square for a piano concert by the American Piano Duo. We got there a little early so we had time to snap some pictures of the beautiful flowers around Temple Square. Here we are! Unfortunately, Dad had just had knee surgery and wasn't able to come with us. :(The concert was held in the assembly hall, somehow I've never been in that building, and it was beautiful. I love the architechture and woodwork. The concert was AMAZING! These guys really know how to put on a show. Their fingers were moving so fast and the music they chose really showcased their talent. I loved it!I took some pictures of the temple and thought they turned out pretty good.After the concert we stayed up late talking and enjoying the company. The next morning started bright and early. We were at the library for their semi-annual sale before 7:00. It was overwhelming and crowded. I felt like I was in the way. But, we ended up with some good books for cheap. We got 2 boxes for $33.50. Then we stopped by the apartment to check on Dad and went back out to shop until we dropped. Mom's dear friend, Sis. Rose, came with us and she was just a delight. First we hit the thrift stores and actually found some great finds. We ate lunch at a little British cafe and it was yummy. Sis. Rose is from England and she treated us to fish and chips. I even bought some of the batter it was so good.The afternoon was spent at Hobby Lobby, Shopko and Jo-Ann's. I found some fabric to make the baby's blessing dress and some blankets. By that time we were all ready to go home and relax. We had dinner at mom and dad's and talked for awhile and then made the trek back to Rexburg. It was fun but too fast. I wish we could've spent a few more days there. It was great to leave the kids and have some mommy time but it was also great to be home again and savor their big hugs and squeezes. Joe is an awesome husband and didn't complain once about my trip! Now I have some projects to get started on! Here's our rental car, it was fun to drive!