Relay for Life

Relay for Life is something my kids literally look forward to ALL year. They could hardly stand waiting to go to the track the day of. It's fun to do something worthwhile with the people you love. Go team Buffy the Cancer Slayer! Here we are getting everyone into their shirts.Eliza did the hoola-hoop contest and got 2nd in her age group. She's already practicing for next year. They had them do some hard stuff, like walk, turn around and jump, all while hoola-hooping.Mommy and Molly taking it easy.Here's the real reason we love Relay!It doesn't get better than this!This is a picture of the sunset. It was AMAZING. My camera just couldn't capture it. It looked like lightning going horizontally across the clouds. I'm so glad I got to see it! WOW!The kids were glued to watching the Polynesian Dancers. I enjoyed it too!Everyone's favorite-the fire dancer!Our family minus Daddy.Walking the track after the lighting of the luminiers ceremony. It was supposed to be silent but that's when Penny was the most talkative!Molly being too cute for her own good!We had a lot of fun and the kids are already counting down the days until next year's Relay!