Say Hello to Francie!

So, I did a little research on parakeets and it turns out that you have 2 options. 1)You can have 1 parakeet and tame it and have it as your special friend and hold it and coddle it and all that, or, 2)You can get another parakeet and they can be each other's special friends. I decided to go with option 2 on this one. So, today we were back at PetSmart getting Opal a friend. The kids wanted a green one so here's she is: Francie!Since 2 birds need more space we also had to buy a bigger cage. Luckily we can return the first one we bought. We found a cage that we liked that was on clearance for $69 regularly $139. When they rang it up it showed as being only $17.50. The PetSmart workers discussed it and gave us that price. That is a savings of 87%. I still can't believe we got that kind of deal. The smaller cage was $22.50. Wowsers!! Here are our little ladies in their new home.
When we brought Francie inside, while still in her cardboard box, both birds started tweeting to each other. It was pretty neat. So far they have been good companions and they like to hang out by each other. The other cool thing they do is they like to sing with me when I play the piano. I never in a million years would've thought I would enjoy having pet birds so much! Crazy!