Steel Creek Camping

We finally made it to the Humphries Annual Family Campout. It was our first time camping in at least 5 years. The kids were so excited to go camping that the hour drive to the campgrounds seemed like eternity. Are we there yet?? We ended up having a really good time and are looking forward to next year. Thanks Uncle Len for orchestrating such a fun adventure! Here's Emma and Molly walking through the great outdoors!The warrior boys.Hunting for the girls!This picture is me smiling before retiring for the night. Little did I know how long the night would be. Penny is not a very good camper, she finally went to sleep when the birds started chirping. Good times!Here I am smiling while taking down the tent, knowing I won't have to sleep in it again for awhile!These were our fabulous cooks, the food was yummy and best of all, I didn't have to cook it!Mommy and Molly.Here we are discussing our plans for the upcoming family reunion.Eating!!Molly and Matthew with Dallin hanging on the pump in the background!Lisa, Jake, Len, Jack, Eliza, and Emma.The kids crossing the bridge at the creek.Matthew at the creek.The boys walking back to the campground.Relaxing!Penny sleeping on the way home. I was able to take a nap later too!I loved camping as a kid when the hard ground wasn't so hard and the planning and packing was left to my mom, now the work is left up to me and it's a big ordeal, but, I enjoyed it. I wouldn't call myself a camper but I am looking forward to doing this all again next year!!