The Egg Hunt!

We went out to Jacob and Lisa's for Easter dinner and the big Egg Hunt. Dinner was delicious, the company was great and the kids had a fun time. I'm so glad we live near Joe's family, I love them so much and it makes it easier being far away from my family. We had the best time! Here are the older kids and Penny ready to search for eggs.Joseph helping Molly find some eggs.Penny wasn't really sure what was going on but she did get excited everytime she found an egg.Molly posing with her basket.Happy Penny on a mission!Found another one!She was just having so much fun!Emma, Jake, Jane, and Joe.After Matthew found his 10 eggs he watched the other kids with this worried look on his face. Adorable!Andrew and Eliza.Dallin.Happy Matthew with his loot.Andrew and Dallin searching.Eliza with Aunt Lisa.Penny made a new friend with her cousin Jacquie, they were almost inseperable.Andrew and his eggs.Eliza in the tree.