The Story of my Tonsillectomy :(

June 3rd will forever be ingraved in my mind as the day my life changed forever. Ok, so maybe not quite, but almost. The few days leading up to my surgery I had a overwhelming sense of calm. I knew I was supposed to have my troubled tonsils removed and I knew it was going to all be ok. What I didn't know what everything I had to go through to get to that ok. So, Thursday late morning Joe and I headed to the hospital. Our kids were in great hands (thanks a million Heather!)and I knew they were going to have a fun day, so I had no worries there. Once at the hospital we were directed right back to the surgery unit. I got to change into their really flattering gowns and get hooked up to an IV. My nurse was real nice and made me feel right at home. Then we got to wait, and wait, and wait. Finally around 1:30ish the anestesiologist came in and told me what I should expect and had me sign the release forms. Then we got the go ahead to give me the drugs that give you a happy feeling and make you forget what you're about to do. Prior to that we watched a lady get wheeled past towards the doubled doors of no return and she was just spouting off nonsense sentences. I told Joe I wasn't going to say anything once I received the drugs. Turns out you don't really have control over what you say when you're under the influence of Versed. I guess Joe and the nurse got a good laugh when I said, "This is fun! I need this everyday midafternoon. I'll tell the kids to go downstairs so mommy can go to her happy place." Yikes!! My last memory before going under completely is seeing the doctor come stand beside me and thinking he wasn't very tall. When I came to after surgery I remember wondering if I had gone under yet or if I was done. I coughed a bit and said my throat was scatchy and I believe that's when they gave me some Morphin and I went back into sweet oblivion. My recovery would have been a lot more enjoyable if I didn't have to endure ALL the side effects of the pain medicine. First and foremost it burned in that writhering around on the floor wimpering kind of way everytime it went down the hatch. Then I got to be extremely itchy, I scratched so hard and so much that I had bruises all over my legs. I couldn't sleep without Benadryl because I would wake myself up scratching. I thought I slept soundly on the Benadryl but Joe informed me that I was still scratching in my sleep. Then the nausea hit. I felt like I had 24 hour morning sickness for the duration of being on pain meds. It was BAD! My biggest fear was throwing up through my stitched up throat. Thankfully I didn't have to experience that. Oh yeah, I almost forgot a really fun side effect, trouble breathing, that was my favorite. I had horrible sleep apnea. I traded in my pain for all the side effects. A few days after surgery my uvula did something I didn't even know was possible; it swelled up so big it was like a trap door to the back of my throat. Picture a second tongue hanging down! That just added to my breathing problems, if I laid on my back it shut off my airway, I found that one out in the middle of the night! There are so many things they just don't tell you when you sign those papers giving your consent for misery! I feel like I need to make a poster of all the horrible things you go through and post it on the wall of the doctor's office just so others have an idea of what to expect. Now, for a lighter side, I am sooo thankful to my dear friends who took care of my family while I was incapacitated. Sarah, Kimberly, Terressa, Jenny, ValaRae, Cami, Heather, Conna, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are awesome and I feel so blessed to call you my friends. I could rest easy knowing my family was fed and my kids were watched over. Also, I have to give a huge shout out to my wonderful husband, Joseph. I seriously could not have made it through such an ordeal without his support, that encompasses emotional, physical, medical, emotional, and emotional support. I have an awesome husband!! After being down for 8 days I thought for sure I would be well enough to take over my motherly duties but I sadly was not. I had to call in for re-enforcements. My mom and dad were able to take a short leave from their mission and come babysit me. Having them here was just what I needed. They gave me the emotional support I needed and helped with my kids so I could continue to heal. I am so glad they could come, it made my recovery just a little more fun. So, finally, about 2 weeks after surgery I still wasn't feeling up to par so at my post-op appointment I told the doctor I just wasn't feeling well, I was still having some trouble breathing even though I hadn't taken the prescription pain meds for 5 days. That concerned him some and so this past Friday I got to revisit the hospital and have a CT scan done on my lungs to rule out the possibility of a blood clot. Wowsers, I didn't even know that was an option. Turns out my lungs are in great working order and I am finally feeling mostly back to Mary again. I went running today and although it was a lot harder than 3 weeks ago I DID IT!! This whole surgery and recovery has been a growing experience for me, I learned a lot about myself. Hopefully I can take what I've learned and become a better person. I know this recount is probably not interesting to anyone else but I needed to write it down so I can remember what I went through and be able to in turn have more compassion and empathy for others who may have to go through something similar. So, I guess that's it, I hope the pictures aren't too much, I made them smaller hoping they wouldn't offend anyone! Here are my pre-surgery tonsils:
Here is my unusual IV looped around my thumb.Here I am before surgery anticipating the pain!Now for the graphic pictures! This first one was taken the same day as the surgery. Ouch!This picture is of my swollen uvula, we couldn't get a picture that really did it justice, it was nasty!!Here I am several days after surgery, gotta love that bruising!I don't have a picture of my healed tonsils only because they aren't healed all the way yet. I still have a stitch back there and some yucky tissue. I have to tell you that there's definitely a lot more room back there! Now, onto better things!!