Trigger Finger Release Surgery

Yesterday Matthew had surgery to release the trigger finger on his right thumb. Sometime this past year we noticed his thumb would not extend all the way and recently it has started giving him pain. We decided to just go ahead and get it fixed instead of waiting for him to get any older. He was excited about the surgery and didn't seem to show any signs of anxiety. Joe took him to the surgery center around 7 and they were home a little after 10. Matthew has been outstanding throughout the whole experience. I've only heard him complain once, and that was when Penny sat on his thumb. Tomorrow we will take off the soft splint and see if the surgery did the trick! Here he is with his crazy thumb!
One of the nurses at the center made him a balloon out of a glove.Here he his directly after the surgery. He was still a little out of it!Happy little boy!Matthew wanted everyone to sign his "cast."Here's the bear they gave him to help ease the pain and fear. It's been his constant companion since.The doctor said, that during surgery, as soon as he cleaned up the problem area his thumb popped up, I'm hoping that means he's going to be back to normal!