What I Wore, Wednesday

So, I've been following a blog called the Pleated Poppy and every Wednesday she posts what she wore the last week. It helps her to actually get dressed instead of hanging in yoga pants and a tee. So, I thought I'd try it for 1 week and see how I liked it. When it actually came to it I realized just how BORING my wardrobe is. Anyway, we'll see if I ever do it again. It was kind of fun but I don't know if I could keep it up. If you like it give me a shout out!! Here we go!

Last Wednesday: Purple shirt from Maurices. Joe's Jeans from DownEast. Teva's from Ebay. Necklace from JewelKade. Earrings from Lia Sophia.

I circle square Tokyo shirt from American Eagle. My favorite jeans from Maurices. Roxy Flipflops (can't remember where I got them). Necklace from JewelKade.

Friday: Floral Top from DownEast. Jeans from Down East. Converse shoes .

Saturday: Sweater from Old Navy. Layering tee from DownEast. Jeans from DownEast. Tevas. Necklace from JewelKade.

Sunday: I stayed in my pj's all day with sick kids.


Cardigan from Gap. Layering tee from DownEast. Jeans from DownEast. Ballet flats from Kohl's. Necklace from JewelKade .

Tuesday: Cardigan from Old Navy. Jeans from DownEast. Tevas.

Wednesday: Paris tee from American Eagle. Jeans from Maurices. Converse shoes.

So, there you have it. I reused my 2 favorite pairs of jeans all week. Sunday is usually my day to get all gussied up and I didn't even get to this week. We'll see what happens this coming week!