WIWW-Week 2

I decided to go ahead and do this one more week. I'm actually enjoying it, it requires me to think about what I'm wearing and not just throw something on. The best thing about it is that I feel prettier but the clothes are still functional as a mom. So, here I am!! (Sorry about the dirty mirror, I didn't notice it until Sunday, oops!)

Last Thursday:

Brown Sweater from a local boutique, brown layering tee from a different local boutique, jeans from Downeast, ballet flats from Target, necklace from Lia Sophia.


Sweater from Maurices, long sleeved brown tee from Shade, jeans from Maurices, ballet flats from Target, necklace from Lia Sophia.


Tee from American Eagle, jeans from Old Navy, Converse sneakers, hat from Shopko, earrings from Lia Sophia.


This is my mostly Maurices outfit. The cardigan, top, skirt, shoes, and necklace are all from Maurices, layering tee from local boutique, ring from Downeast.

My after church outfit:

Ditched the cardigan and skirt. Jeans from Old Navy.

Close up of the necklace and ring. Love that cute little elephant!
Long sleeved tee from Abercrombie & Fitch (men's department), layering tee from Downeast, jeans from Downeast, Tevas from eBay, necklace from JewelKade.
Tee from American Eagle, jeans from Maurices, Mia shoes from Famous Footwear, necklace from JewelKade.
Wednesday (today):
Cardigan from Maurices, layering tee form Downeast, jeans from Downeast, sandals from Payless, necklace from JewelKade.
I realized my clothes mostly come from just a few stores and that I use a lot of layering tees. Maybe someday you'll see me in something besides jeans, but don't count on it!! Now, I want to see what you all have been wearing!