WIWW-Week 3

So, I think this will be my last week of doing this. I've enjoyed stepping it up a notch and trying to look a bit nicer than usual but I don't want to bore you all with my clothes every week. I might do an update here and there of what I might consider a "really great" outfit and I might not! So, here's week 3!

Black long sleeved tee from local boutique. Scarf from Old Navy. Jean trousers from Maurices. Converse shoes. Necklace from JewelKade.
Friday: Cardigan, layering tee, and jeans from Downeast. Ballet flats from Target. Necklace from JewelKade. I've decided I love cardigans and have about 15 in my closet! :)
Saturday: Ok, so this outfit is completely and totally out of my comfort zone. I've had this top for several months but haven't had the courage to wear something so daring. Give me some feedback on this one! I was self conscious all day! Cardigan from Maurices. Jeans from Downeast. Plaid top from J. Crew. Ballet flats from Ross. Necklace from JewelKade.
Sunday: Stayed home from church with kids who had pink eyes but I'm pretty sure it's not pinkeye, just allergies. I just didn't want to cause a commotion in nursery. Tee from American Eagle. Jeans from Maurices. I didn't even fix my hair or put on makeup.
Monday: Top from Maurices. Jeans from Downeast. Tevas. Necklace from JewelKade.
Tuesday: Cardigan from Old Navy. Layering tee from Downeast. Jeans from Maurices. Roxy flipflops (love them!) Necklace from JewelKade.
Wednesday: Tee and jeans from Downeast. Tevas. Necklace from JewelKade.