Wolf to Woof

Yesterday Joe and the kids decided we were going to the Museum of Idaho and see their Wolf to Woof exhibit. Everyone was excited except me, I had a bit of trepidation. Everytime we've been there previously someone ends of crying and it's very stressful for me. This time was the opposite, we had so much fun. I loved watching our kids discover things together and get excited about what they were seeing. I had to step back and watch and realize that my babies are growing up, and it's fun!!This guy here was the first thing we say when we walked into the exhibit room. Andrew was hesitant to enter the room; he has a phobia of dogs. He was able to warm up to the stuffed dogs and ended up really enjoying it.The kids thought this garbage dog was pretty funny. Matthew stuck is finger in the trash and then looked at his finger and couldn't figure out why it wasn't covered in slime.Here's Dallin in front of a stange looking wolf. His legs are like stilts and he looks very disporportionate.This is another display that made Andrew a little nervous!Eliza and the head of a St. Bernard.There was a tunnel of "ice" and the kids got to climb up it. There was a rescue dog at the top. Molly thought it was great!Joe humored me and let me take his picture with the big ears, you could hear termites in them like a dog would.Andrew with the eye seeing guide dog.Penny was very excited to see this guy. She wanted to get close to it but then got nervous, it was cute.After seeing all the dog exhibit we went to the kids' favorite place: The Children's Discovery Room!! Here's Molly and Matthew climbing down the rocks from the eagle's nest.Matthew is working hard with the animal track kit.Dallin coming out of tunnel.Penny was nervous to go through the tunnel into the cave so Joe went first.She got brave and just walked right in!Andrew, Molly, and Eliza all dressed up ready for an exibition!Molly - our little Davy Crockett!Andrew went hunting and shot himself a deer!I made myself at home and cooked up a stew with the deer Andrew shot. (Eliza thought I was weird!)Matthew, Molly, and Penny sitting up at the table enjoying my delicious stew!Once dinner was on the table I could sit back and relax while churning a little butter.Molly can't help it that she's so cute!!After having his fill Dallin did what he does best!Penny and her babies. As soon as she discovered there were babies she carried at least one around with her at all times.Here she is dragging them around.Here she is with her baby in the teepee.Molly and Dallin emerging from the cave.Molly at the eagle's nest. Again, stinking cute!Penny back at the table with her baby. She was content to just stay there and play.Penny and the big dog right before we left.The kids with the big bell outside the museum.I'm glad we got to enjoy a fun afternoon together as a family!! Woof!