Mau'apaloosa 2006

For all of you that haven't noticed yet, I posted some pictures of the recent get together. Sorry if there are more pictures of my two cuties than of all of yours. Feel free to add pictures to albums of pictures you took at the reunion/wedding. Just click on the link in navigation to add photo or mass import and then select the appropriate album to put it in (the add photo links don't show up in the album when you view it yet, sorry).

Anyway, I had lots of fun and wish it could have gone longer. I wish we could afford (time and money) to do this more often. Even with the grueling 2 day car ride each way, I enjoyed it. I guess we went on enough long car trips when we were young that my backside is still accustomed to sitting all day in a cramped car.

Please take time to post pictures and add stories/comments/suggestions so we can more use of this website. The whole purpose of this is to help us all stay in touch, but if nobody uses it, I don't really want to bother with keeping it up.

Timothy suggested a book review sort of thing -- I am looking into that. So stay posted for further developments.