Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

I found this to be one of the most inspiring books I have read in a long time. His life story is not only unbelievable, but miraculous. He is a very religious humble man and it was refreshing to read of all his amazing stories with him giving God all of the credit. It is a very easy and interesting read that I found hard to put down. The book tells of the trials he had to go through to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor, and he eventually became a world class brain surgeon who is most well-known for separating the first siamese twins connected at the back of the head with both surviving back in the 80's. This would be a feat on any accounts, but taking in his upbringing, it is truly amazing. He chose, with the encouragement of his mother and others along the way, to overcome his broken home and impoverished background. He overcame prejudices and intense anger and through it all became the person he knew he could be, all the while never taking credit for himself. I like his writing style which made you feel a close attachment to his patients, without using too much heavy medical jargon.