Funny Bone!

We had chicken one night for dinner. The kids love the drumsticks. And as you can see, they like them for more than just dinner. The following ensued:

Good guess....but no. We didn't get a new puppy.

Nathan's Big Boy Bed

The big boy bed
The big boy bed

For the past six months or so, Nathan has been sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor, sharing a room with Nicole. We moved them in together so Annie could have a room to herself while she is still a crying machine. When Nathan switched rooms, we moved him out of his daybed (crib) and onto a real, big-boy mattress. He was so excited. We looked and looked for a bed that we liked, but could not find one.

Personally Charming

Ok, I admit I've been dead to the blogging world for about 7 months now, but finally I have something worthwhile to report:

I have joined the corporate world. Ha ha What's even crazier: I'm blogging about it!! Just humor me and check it out at And then come to my house on Thursday to see what it's all about.

Peace out.

Sewing, sewing, sewing!

Monday morning I pulled out my sewing machine, dusted it off, and got busy! I had quite a few projects just waiting for me to tackle them. First I mended some pants and a dress, then I actually attempted sewing a semi-formal dress. It looked nice...on the hanger. When I put it on before hemming it I had a breakdown. It accentuated all my negatives and ignored my postives. There was NO WAY I could wear it anywhere with my body shape right now. So, sorry, no picture of that!! The next day I attacked my pile! I sewed binding onto 4 blankets, 3 to put in storage for backup gifts or futrue babies and the other one for Miss Penny. Molly swiped her fleecey blanket shortly after Penny was born so I made her a new one. Once all those blankets were done I ended up buying a dress that was too short and I added a 3 inch border to the bottom of it and I LOVE IT! Pictures of that will be posted in a couple weeks when I wear it on a hot date!! Somewhere in the midst of all the sewing I finally finished Penny's crib bumper. I started it 10 months ago and FINALLY added the finishing touches and got it in her bed. Better late than never, right?!

The Lord knows

(Elder Henry B. Eyring)
(Don't you just love this picture of him? What a wonderful man!)

100 Day Celebration!

Nicole's had a rough two weeks, starting with Sunday the 14th when (on Valentine's Day) she gave her dad the lovely present of barfing on him in the middle of sacrament meeting. Trust me, we had no warning, or we would NOT have brought her to church.

What's Your Major?

Sometimes I wonder about my college education.

At the time, getting my degree in English was definitely the right thing to do. I loved my classes, I graduated in good time, and I even (gasp!) got a job in my field -- full time and with benefits -- that paid for Nicole when she made her appearance.


I wonder sometimes if a different discipline would have prepared me for motherhood more effectively. You know, now that I know more about how I'll actually be spending my time as a mommy. A few obvious options:

Home economics
Sanitation engineer
Child development

But can a person major in Legos?

Lego design?

Lego engineering?

Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde

This afternoon Molly wanted to wear this bandana on her head and then she wanted some pictures taken. Here's here little poses.

Silly Dr. Doolittle!

Last night we were watching the old 1967 edition of "Dr. Doolittle" and Jaren was excitedly watching all the fun animals. We came to the barn scene before he joins the circus and Jaren saw the little skunks come running out of the barn. Not remembering what they are called, Jaren yelled to the other kids,

"Hey look!! The stink-rats are running out!!"
Silly Jaren, we love you!

And here are a few pictures of the stink-rat himself.........


So, I've been in a contemplative, reflective mood the past few days and in the course of thinking and pondering I have figured out a couple things about myself. Every so often I get in this funk where no matter what happens I cannot shake this feeling of gloom. I am presently in that state of mind. Through the use of my journal I have been able to reflect on each day and I realized my solemn state coincides with when Joe is at work for more than 3 days in a row. I think this week he works 8 days in a row with only a couple nights home. I consider myself as pretty independent but it's nice to have the companionship and the closeness of my best friend and lover. When he is gone long stretches I only have the companionship of our six beautiful children.

Fear does strange things.

So, this is pretty much going to be a venting post. Venting my fears of going under the knife! I had a doctor's appointment today with the ear, nose, throat doc and he is strongly recommending me having my tonsils removed. I was so nervous just for the appointment today, I can't even imagine how my stomach is going to feel the day of the surgery. I learned a few things today:
1. I could never survive solitary confinement! I sat in the little room for 2 hours with nothing to do but watch the seconds tick away on the digital clock, and that is precisely what I did. Ok, I didn't just watch the clock, I did mathematically related activites in my head while watching the clock. Without a clock I would've gone nuts. I'm not used to being able to just sit with no noise, no kids, no book, no nothing!
2. I learned that since I've previously had a para-something absess behind my tonsil I'm 40% more likely to get another one and the next time it could be a lot worse (I'm not sure what could get worse than 3 antibiotics and vicadin but I didn't say anything!) and involve my neck and chest.

Eliza grew up a notch today!

For the past 2 weeks Eliza has been begging me, pleading to me, bribing me ("I'll give you a dollar mom") to let her get her ears pierced. Finally, I decided that she was old enough to make that decision. So, this morning she wrote me a note telling me what a great mom I am and that she loves me. The last line of the note said, "I've been wondering if I could get my ears persed today. I love you." I thought, I guess today is as good of a day as any so I took the 3 girls and we headed out to get her ears pierced. I told her that she needed to decide before we left whether or not she was going to follow through and actually do it or chicken out once we got there. She assured me that this was what she wanted to do. So, I signed all the paperwork and she picked out the earrings she wanted and then she freaked out. She denied ever wanting them pierced. I had told the guy that my daughter wanted to get her ears pierced and at this point I'm sure he was thinking "Yeah right lady, I'm sure this was your daughter's idea." After 10 minutes of me trying to soothe her and remind her that she did indeed beg me for this oppurtunity she finally got brave and let them near her.

Bountiful Baskets!!

I didn't want to leave my last post at the top very long due to its graphic nature so here's what new at our house. I heard from my sister all about this great co-op called Bountiful Baskets where you can get 30lbs of fruits and veggies for $15. I thought it was too good to be true but alas it was not. Today was our second time getting the basket. I have to say, this time the fruits and veggies are more to our tastes than last time! It's fun though, you never no what you're going to get and you can't beat the price. This week we got corn on the cob, strawberries, sweet potatoes, tomotoes, pineapple, really large grapefruit type things, apples, cucumbers, bananas, baby spinach, melon, and a butternut squash.

Fighting! (If you get squeamish close your eyes!!)

This is what I have been fighting against all week. (This is my throat!!)Not fun! Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who has not only taken off work to take care of me and the kids but he's kept the house running smoothly. He's got the kids ready for school, made sure homework got done, did the dishes, cleaned the toy room, kept the house vacuumed, made all the meals, and made sure I slept and brought me my drugs. I think today things are starting to look up. The swelling in my tonsil is going down and the pain has lessened by a small degree. After 2 doctor visits, 2 different antibiotics, a priesthood blessing, and lots and lots of pain I hope to never have this happen again. I could never have made it through this week without my Joe.

Happy Birthday Dallin!!

So, I'm a week late posting this but I guess that's better than never. Our little (not so little anymore) Dallin turnined 9 on February 6. We celebrated his birthday the day before so daddy could be there. Dallin wanted to go to the movie theater and watch a movie there but after doing the math and realizing it was going to be close to $100 after the tickets and popcorn and goodies we decided to just rent a movie and have all the treats and fun at our house instead. Lucky for me Dallin was excited about the idea. He invited his good friend Ethan over and they watched Labou and then opened presents and had cake. Here Dallin is happy about his gift but what about Matthew in the background! I'm not sure what going on!
Grandma and Grandpa M.

Six Month Tricks

My baby is SO FAT.

This is as close as I'll come to posting the pics we took of Annie's adorable, dimpled backside. She is happily awaiting her bath -- after happily overfilling her diaper. :)

Wide-mouthed frog. Remember what I said about her opening her mouth REALLY wide?

Kids doing P90X!

Last night the kids were doing a little P90X. They make it look easy!!

You Know You Live in Seattle When.......... is the first sunny day you can remember and your kids still don their raincoats and golashes to go outside and play a little football.
Case in point: See all that sunshine! What a treat.
Watch out, Brother!! Looks like someone wants the ball more than you.

Toy Soldiers!

I have never actually seen a child play with toy soldiers until Dallin got a set 3 or 4 years ago. He'd line them up and have them battle it out. That set was recently replaced with a new set. His old set really looked like it had gone through a war. The men were missing heads, legs, arms, they were chewed on and mangled. Dallin still plays with his soldiers quite often.

Penny's latest tricks!

For almost a month now Penny has been able to stand up by herself in the middle of the room. Here she is showing off. She'll stand with toys, and if the music is on she'll dance standing. Still no steps, but she sure can stand!!Here's her latest trick.