Ariana's 7th Birthday Luau!

We were still in Utah to celebrate Ariana's 7th birthday. We got to celebrate here last year. She is beginning to think we should do it every year. We celebrated at a little diner near Fish Lake on her actual birthday, but once we got back to Grandma and Papa's house we had a birthday Luau complete with pineapple upside down cake, lei's and a grass skirt.

We Limbo-ed and Papa favored us with some awesome Ukelele music. But then the inevitable happened......................

Handsome Clan

My Brothers and I were all together for the evening last month, so we all got a group shot. It has been 9 years since we had a family photo. We have grown by six new members. Can you spot them all? (Minako, Yoshiki, Zackery, Ariana, Holly, Jaren) Grandma and Papa hold the littlest ones!

The BYU-Idaho Gardens

For Family Night on Monday the kids wanted to go to the gardens. For some reason they just love going there. The had a great time exploring different trails and routes around the place. Molly wanted to be a big girl and walk everywhere just like her brothers and sister.

Pics at the Pool

On our way home from our family reunion in Oregon we stayed a couple days at my sister's house in Boise. We were supposed to go home Saturday but I convinced my wonderful husband to extend our vacation one more day. I always have so much fun at Sarah's house. On Saturday afternoon we took all the kiddies to the neighborhood pool. It was soo hot that it felt really good in the cool water. (While in the pool, I thought what a great idea would be to have a pool in our subdivision. Then I remembered we live in Rexburg where a pool would only be practical 2, maybe 2 1/2 months out of the year). Molly was a little fishy in the water and threw a fit when it was time to get out.

I feel like I've been hit by a truck!

Today was the second day of tryouts for my 7th grade volleyball team. The practices were 3 hours yesterday and today. I don't really know what I did except throw and hit balls, but man I'm sore. My abs, arms, quads and even armpit muscles hurt. It's not like I've been sitting around for the past 6 months or anything. I workout 6 times a week! For what? Dying with the 7th graders! Tryouts were pretty good. I only had 10 girls so I ended up with a small team of 8 and 2 managers. I think the season will be good and I'm looking forward to regular 2 hour practices. Maybe I'm getting old! Hopefully I'll sleep like a baby tonight!

Get Your Veggie On: The Story of a Pizza

In our house, we love our veg.

We love our veg.

It's best when it comes from our own garden, courtesy of Vernon's green thumb and farm boy roots (that's roots like book, in case you didn't know). But what doesn't come from our own backyard this year is coming from my new favorite food find: the weekly harvest box from Sun Gold Farms.

We're in the peak of summer veggies, and this is what a typical box looks like when we pick it up from the farmer's market on Saturday:

Joseph in Florida

While I was at my mom's in Pullman for 2 weeks Joseph was in sunny Florida taking a Critical Care Paramedic class. I imagine his time there was really rough. He went to Disney World, Cape Canaveral, and scuba diving. Wow! He did have an incident in their back yard pool. He tried to swim the length underwater and ended up hitting his face on the bottom of the pool and has some nice scars to show for it. I'm pretty sure he had a good time but I was really glad to have him back! Next time he goes to Florida maybe I'll be invited!! ;)

These are at Disney World

A week later...

Well, it's taken me about a full week to recover from being on vacation for 3 weeks. I finally got all the laundry folded and put away yesterday. I would like to recap my family's reunion. I had such a great and memorable time. I love my family sooo, sooo much. I can't wait until next year already.

So, here it goes. We traveled to the Oregon Coast following mom and dad. When we finally reached Portland I thought, "Phew, we're almost there." (Riding in the car for 7 hours with 5 kids and a cranky husband isn't my idea of a dream day! ;)) So, we're driving and we're driving and instead of seeing the ocean we see a big city. We were back in Salem. Somewhere, someone (Dad) took a wrong turn. Before we knew it though we were headed in the right direction and could soon smell the ocean breeze. It was so good to see everyone and the kids had a blast getting reaquainted with their many cousins.

"I Love to See the Temple"

And we went inside today!

Forever Sisters, Forever Friends

Don't you just love cross-stitch sayings?

Since my kids are happily eating cold cereal for dinner, I guess I can do just one last post and be done with it all....Must...keep...blogging...
Mary is my little red-headed hero. She's an awesome mom, crafter, home-decorator, unashamed public tooter, wanna-be model, and friend. And I'm sure I left something out. When we get together, my sides are always aching afterward from laughing so hard. Nineteen years ago, we had this picture taken. (sorry you're not in it, Nancy, you were just a wee tot.)

She can ride, folks!

Can you beat this look of pure personal satisfaction and glee?

The Fantabulous Cape Kiwanda Adventure

So this is it. Pacific City. The place where memories are made and never forgotten. Here's where we stayed, played, ate, and had as much fun as we could squeeze in 4 days together. It was a blast! Out of the 500 pictures I took, I had a hard time narrowing it down....(I'm sure you thank me!) Some of my favorite reunion moments (I wish I had pictures to document all of them!):

FHE and the Seattle Mauery's rendition of Jonah and the Whale with "scripture cookies" for dessert!

You can't beat the beach!

We spent lots of laughs and shivers at the beach which was a watermelon seed spit distance away from our front door....Here's mom livin' it up running down the hill to catch some waves with Sammy.


This was an adventurous outing to Tillamook that began with cows and ended with icecream....Always a nice trade off! There were so many steps to the cheese packaging process, but here the blocks started out weighing more than Sam and ended up getting cut into 2 pounders.

"Do or do not, there is no tri..."

What does Yoda know about triathlons? I could teach him a few things....First and foremost: do your best to intimidate the opponents by pulling intensely athletic faces prerace. I'm still working on that one...Second of all: it would have helped if the Olympics were BEFORE the race so I could have imitated Natalie Coughlin on the back stroke, since I had to do that a few times just to stay alive. Michael Phelps form isn't bad, either. During the frenzy do your best to kick as few people in the face as you can. Or maybe I would have done better off kicking more....See me down there?

More Utah Fun

My stellar sibs, James & Kates

Nathan & Nicole at the park near Grandma's house

Utah Trek

No, not that kind of trek.

No handcarts for us, thank you very much. Just a few planes and automobiles to get us to the land of the Wasatch Mountains (oh, how I miss them!), dry heat, and the Watson grandparents. Since a picture is worth a thousand words and all that and my fingers are already tired of typing, I'm gonna let the images mostly speak for themselves.

"Hike" to Silver Lake

Nathan & Uncle Stephen enjoying the picnic on a rock. It was the 24th of July, and apparently we were not the only ones who thought a picnic up the canyon sounded good, so tables were few and far between.

A trip down Memory Lane

My Grandma Schaugaard decided to throw a great big party! All seven of her children (my aunts and uncles) grew up going as a family to Fish Lake. Then we started going as families when we were kids. And now me and my siblings take our children.

Well, Grandma decided to do it again. Despite thousands of miles between them all-each of the seven brothers and sisters(my Dad) decided to come and bring their children (me) and their grandchildren (my kids). As you can see, we were quite a crew. We stayed in the cabins as is tradition and had lots of fun together. I got to see all my cousins again and their beautiful children. What a time!

Toothless and Grinning

It's been a hectic month, so I'm going to blog about it in small pieces (how you eat an elephant and whatnot). First off, in case you weren't at the coast with us last week, you need to know that Nicole lost her FIRST TOOTH! Luckily, I have the tooth fairy's cell phone number, which is how she knew how to find us at the beach (that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it).

Nicole is one tooth poorer, but her piggy bank is a dollar richer.

And that's a happy thing.