Mauery's love the theater!

I (Chanin)grew up loving the theater. I remember going to the Pardo Theater at Brigham Young University to see "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Mom when I was barely more than a toddler. Mom and Dad always had season tickets and this time Dad had another engagement. So, I got to take his place as Mom's date. I laughed and laughed at Uncle Teddy. As I grew older I often asked to go along with Mom and Dad. Soon, they started buying another set of season tickets just for me. Thanks, Dad and Mom! I love the theater.

Here are my own little thespians! Ryan's first play. Here he is front and center announcing the arrival of King Minos. He plays one of the Super-cool (sunglasses included) King's messengers.

Twisty Rope Hair

Preschool Graduation

Our Sweet little Holly has graduated from preschool! Here are a few pictures of the ceremony and our budding student. Holly is all smiles. The graduate in her cap and gown.
Michael, Holly, Taylor, Cameron, Julie, MIA-Lucy

Another reunion

These past two weeks have been full of fun reunions. On Tuesday we went and visited my Grandma Burlison in Moscow. The kids had a great time playing with her toys and games and my mom and I enjoyed visiting with Grandma. She always has great stories to tell and she is so full of life. I love hearing about her's and Grandpa's lives. Aunt Katherine came by for a bit and it was good seeing her again. On our way out she gave us some yummy mini cupcakes and Eliza absolutely loves them. What a fun way to spend the afternoon.Me and Grandma Burlison
All the kids with their Great-Grandma Burlison

Fun at Grandma's!

While we've been visiting my mom's in Pullman, we've spent our fair share of time at the park. It's only a couple blocks away and the kids just love it. The swings are their favorite activity. Mom usually ends up pushing Dallin and Eliza and I get the little ones. I think she has the tougher job. After the swings we all pile on the merry-go-round and mom pushes us. Molly thinks its great. There's a little slide that Matthew thinks is the neatest thing. Last night Matthew was sitting on the merry-go-round and a little girl his same age started pushing him around. It was so cute. The only drawback is the slivers we get to take out when we get home from all the bark.


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try and beat the chilis at...

The things I find on the table!

Today I found this funny little picture on the table. Not every 8 year-old has this funny kind of talent. Notice the expressions on the faces of these musicians. I love the fun effect of their various hair heights. Also, I might guess their music is not the flowing type. Thanks, Ryan, for the laugh today. (As a side note-Ryan's favorite music is orchestral, so this picture was quite fun to find.)

10 year class reunion. Go Loggers!!

This past weekend (July 19) was my 10 year reunion in Potlatch, ID. We had a potluck at the park and just had a nice time getting reaquainted and visiting. It's pretty weird seeing old friends and hearing about their lives. I'm glad I went but I'm also glad they're only every 10 years! ;) Here are a few pictures of my classmates.

Out of the 50 or so graduates there was only about 20 of us at the reunion.

Rachelle and Me

Molly's 1st Birthday!

Our baby girl turned one on the 18th. She got to spend her birthday in the car. We drove 10 hours to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Pullman, WA. We celebrated her birthday the next day and she had a good time. She got some babies and a cuddly bunny and was quite pleased with her loot. The cake was fun when Grandma suggested she be allowed to grab handfulls out of it. Guess who got to clean her up!! I can't believe Molly is already 1. Time flies too quickly. It's still fresh on my mind the minute I was introduced to our little screaming baby. I instantly fell in love. Now that she's a year I can't believe how much more I love her and that she's such a sweet, fun little girl. Some of Molly's grand accomplishments are:
4 teeth
12+ steps in a row
5-6 words (mama, dada, yeah, uh-oh...)
claps her hands

Just call me Coach!

Just FYI, for anyone who's interested I'm going to be the 7th grade volleyball coach for South Freemont girls this season. My neighbor Stephanie is the 8th grade coach and we'll be working together. I'm really excited and it should be lots of fun. I'll start in August and it'll run through October. Go Team!!

Wildlife along the way

Here are a few picture of the wildlife we saw on our trip to Glacier. Timothy was pretty fast to get the picture of this little guy coming out of his hole. He was cute!

These horses run wild in the park. Actually, I took this picture while we were in Blackfeet territory. They were eating and I thought the kids would like the picture of the baby with his mother.

Honeymoon at age 10!

So, I realized after a few comments that there are some of you who didn't know why we were taking this trip as a Honeymoon. When we were married ten years ago, it was in a whirlwind. Timothy and I met and decided to get married right away. He was graduating from BYU and leaving to get a Master's Degree from The George Washington University in Washington DC. He would be attending their satelite campus in Virginia a few miles south. This was located at the NASA Langley Research center. So, we got married and *BOOM* moved to Virginia in our tiny car. We pulled what little we had in the below pictured, tiny, 3X4 trailer. We were off to find a place to live in VA. This meant (sad face)......... no honeymoon. So, now our marriage is ten years mature and we finally got to take a trip to celebrate. So, there you have it. Check out the silly picture of us below (ten years younger)........ and on with the story!

Family Reunion, Part II

Where do I begin?

First 5k in ten years

While our family was in Pacific City, OR, for three days last week, I decided not to take a vacation from my running. I figured that if I took Saturday off because I was at the beach, then I would probably take another day off for this or that reason and it would snowball and I would be back on the couch in no time. It has taken me seven weeks (six of running and one with two days off to rest the weary trotters) to get me this far and I didn't want to toss it out the window. I have run my first 5k without getting shin splints in the process. I am so happy. There are days that my legs are tired, but I wear supportive footwear and they feel much better. The biggest difference is that this time (as opposed to the 1 day ramp-up period in cross country) I took it slow to start with and let my body adjust to the change in abuse. Yes, running is abusive, but our bodies can learn to cope with the strain if given enough time. Only running three days a week also helps (rather than five).

Glacier National Park

Okay, I am finally back and at the computer. I can't believe it took me this long to start getting it all down. So, here goes. I'll post a bit about all the things we've done this summer. But a few pics at a time. So....stay tuned.

This is a picture of the train station in Downtown Seattle. We embarked on our journey here. It had all the glamour of yesterday. I loved the lights and all the ornate "stuff" on the walls. They are in the middle of renovating their 60 foot ceilings. It's gonna be beautiful.

Cape Kiwanda -- Cowabunga!

We just got back from a quick weekend at Pacific City at a friend's beach house, and boy did we have a good time! We packed plenty of good food, two kites, our beach gear, and some friends along for a wonderful weekend of fun in the sun. Which is what we got....

....with kite flying....
...and sand castle building....

Tris, in all her glory

Nothing is sacred on my camera. Here are a few "self-portrait" shots I found after letting Tris "borrow" my camera. You will see she rivals me in beauty, humor, and brand of lip plumper. May you all be as blessed to have someone this radiant in your lives...XOX

The REAL story of the Foutz Family pictures

I forgot to mention that some of my favorite Foutz's in the world drove 2000 miles to see me (as well as some other family member) - but mostly me!!!! Look how excited Ella, Eris, Noah and Jewel were to see me! Of course, excitement could be miscontrued for delirium from being in the car for nearly 30 hours. Or the effects of too much diet coke...or too many show tunes (if you knew their parents, you would understand)...or too many subliminally enhanced Disney movies.

The Best Two Hours!

Last night while my husband was putting the kids to bed I was thoroughly enjoying myself watching Jon Schmidt Live. Joseph got me tickets and I went by myself to the best show I've ever been too. I cannot describe how amazing it was and how awesome I felt in the presence of such an incredible musician. There were times when he was playing so fast his fingers were just a blur. I don't think he knows how to play without moving his head and wiggling his feet, all the while playing all the right notes. Not only is he super at the piano but his personality is so great. I knew while I was watching that Heavenly Father truly, truly has blessed him with his fantastic talent. I would encourage and almost demand all of you to go to one of his concerts--you won't be sorry. I didn't want it to end and will most definitely be going next time he's in the area. Thank you Joe for letting me go and listening to me rant and rave about how good it was. I was able to get a few fuzzy pictures and some video.

The Volleyball Tournament!!

Today I was in a 2-on-2 volleyball tournament with my neighbor Conna. Whew, it was a lot of fun but also very, very tiring. I thought I was in pretty good shape but man, tomorrow I'm not going to be able to move. We started playing a little after 8 this morning and ended around 1 this afternoon. Altogether we played 6 games to 25 and 1 to 30. I'll be the first to admit that we could've done better but come on, we were playing doubles. I have never played doubles before in my life and I feel like an old lady with 5 kids.