Little picnic princess


Princess Nicole

Of all things the media (read Disney) had to push upon the poor unsuspecting parents of this world, did they have to choose princesses? Sure, while some of the princess fairy tales have some redeeming value in the form of a good moral or something, that is not what is emphasized in all the princess glamor hoopla. Try as we did, we just could not shield Nicole from this one. They get you coming and going. All her friends are doing it. Nicole is our little princess.

A dillar, a dollar, a dinosaur scholar


Goin' Fishin'

We have a lot of ground to cover since Christmas. I suppose more frequent updates would alleviate this problem, but what would be the fun in that? I am just going to say that I have been very busy and that will have to suffice for my excuse.

A few weeks ago Nathan and I went 'fishing' with some friends at a local lake that was recently stocked with trout. I made a fishing pole for Nathan out of a stick of bamboo and a piece of small rope. While we didn't catch anything (not that we expected to with the gear we brought), we had a lot of fun. Enough fun that we went again a month later and brought Nicole along with us. Mostly, they just ran around chasing ducks and playing with the other kids while all the dads fished and talked. But it was really a nice relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning. Someday, I might even invest in some real fishing tackle and a license. Until then, we will just have to fill up on our imaginary fish. Or we could always tell the story of the one that got away...

Book Review: In a Sunburned Country

Absolutely hilarious! Funny, informative, and thorough, Bryson is fantastic. I hope to include more reviews of his books very soon!

It's a Girl!!

I went to the doctor today and the ultrasound was very clear that we're having a little girl. It was like she was sitting on a copy machine it was that clear! The due date is July 28th and we're (I'm) excited to get started on organizing and purchasing little girl things. Chanin are you ready to get to work on that hem stitcher? :) Sarah, now you can rest easy that you're having a girl next! Well, I thought I'd just let you know our good news!!

Tribute to Grandma

While not necessarily under the best of circumstances, Grandma did her one last hurrah! at getting the family together one more time. While the funeral was good, I think my favorite part was when the entire family got together and just talked about memories of Grandma. Grandma really did leave behind a great posterity. And just for the record, I decided it would be nice to at least save what was sent in for her obituary. Please feel free to post comments and tell of your favorite memories of Grandma.

Pearl Alice Gibson Comstock returned to her Heavenly Father on Jan. 9.

She was born May 9, 1930 to Owen and Ellen Gibson, in Logan, Utah. Her family later made their home in Preston, Idaho. Pearl had great respect for her father, her mother taught her to love God, to follow His teachings and Christ’s example to love all those around her.

Sammy's Firsts

Sammy has had a very exciting past couple of weeks. All since Christmas, he has cut his first tooth, said his first word (papa!), started crawling, and unfortunately, had his first ride in an ambulance. Lest you think it is more serious than it really is, Sam is back home again on antibiotics and doing just fine. Last Sunday (dec 31) he was playing with a coat hanger at church and somehow got the hook part lodged in his mouth. Dan had a hard time getting it out, but after he did we thought he was fine. That evening he was feverish, but I just thought he was coming down with strep, since I had it that week. But by Monday morning, his chin was huge and we knew it was something else. We took him to an insta-care, who told us to go to the ER, who transported us via ambulance to downtown St. Lukes. They gave him an IV for his meds and we spent the night there and came home the next day. Moral of the story: babies have the potential to turn ordinary objects into life-threatening ones! We are thankful his recovery has been so speedy, and thank Dad for putting his name in the temple.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

It's a little late to send out wishes for a merry Christmas, but I hope it was anyway. But it is still not too late to wish everyone a happy New Year.

Not one, but two more holidays have slipped by without me so much as saying a word. I guess life has a stronger hold on me that I have on it. Grab life by the horns, they say, but they never tell you what to do if it has a death grip on you. Not that my life is out of control, but sometimes it feels a little chaotic.

Discussion: New Feature - Subscriptions

Because it took me way too long to check out the website after Mary posted her good news, I figured I should finally do something about it. I whipped up something special similar to an older Drupal module called subscriptions. Basically, you can subscribe to any type of post: acidfree items, book reviews, forum topics, and stories. Once you have subscribed, the website will send you the contents of each post and then the contents of each comment posted.

This way, if you are an obsessive compulsive email checker like me, but have a hard time making it to the website regularly, you can keep up with all the latest family news right in your inbox.

Since this is a new feature and some people may not find it on their own, I have gone ahead and subscribed everyone.

To change your subscriptions, click on the 'my account' link in the menu on the left once you have logged in. Then select the types of content you want to be subscribed to and hit 'submit'

Book Review: Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise

Hearing this woman talk about food is almost as good as eating it yourself-- and I'd never heard of half the dishes she reviews! Her initial search for characters to play is intriguing, as are her self-discoveries while in character. The only reason this books doesn't get top marks is because it runs out of steam by the end, without a real coherent point. But this is a memoir, and life is like that sometimes, so maybe that's not much of a criticism. I'll add more after we review it at book club next month!

Haeberle Baby

Well since putting this news in a forum only sparked Timothy's interest I thought I'd put in on the front page. We're having a baby in July and were wondering if the reunion could be towards the end of August. So much for keeping in touch on the web page. Come on guys!! :) Anyway, I thought I'd just let everyone know in case you're interested.

The most literate city

According to an annual ranking (America's Most Literate Cities), Seattle is the most literate city in the United States for the second year in a row. The ranking is based on not how many people can read, but on how many people choose to make reading a habit.

It's interesting that this coincides with our residence here in the Seattle area. I like to think that my presence has contributed to the ranking. :)

Here's the USA Today article. (Sorry, Vernon and Lauren, Portland is number ten.)

I am sick and bored!...and I wanted a different story on the home page

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits:
"The Medallion Calls"--Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack

Waking Up:
"Brandenburg Concerto No.2, Third Movement"--Bach

First Day At School:
"The Pennywistle Song"--Leroy Anderson

"Memories Are Made of This"--Dean Martin

Falling In Love:

Fight Song:
"Sounds from the Hudson -- Valse Brillante"--Herbert L. Clark

Breaking Up:
"One Week"--Berenaked Ladies

"You and the Night and the Music"--Frank Sinatra

"Angel of Music"--Phantom of the Opera

"The Typewriter Song"--Leroy Anderson

High School:

Mental Breakdown:
"Once upon a December"--Anastasia Soundtrack

"Plink-Plank-Plunk"--Leroy Anderson

"Symphony No.3 in F major, 3rd Movement"--Brahms

Getting Back Together:
"Danse de Cygnes"--Tchaikovsky

"Die Walkure, The Ride of the Valkyries"--Wagner

Birth of Child:
"Friend Like Me"--Alladin Soundtrack

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving turned out to be a rather quiet one. Not that quiet is bad. Plans fell through and we spent the time together as a family. Because we didn't want 12 pounds of turkey left over, we cooked a four pound chicken rather than a 14 pound turkey. Yes, I know that is less than traditional, but it was just as tasty. We made chicken, stuffing, roasted carrots, and apple pie. It was all very good. And I think for the first time in years I left the table walking rather than rolling. I think it was because we didn't have salad, mashed potatoes, gravy, butter flake rolls, cranberry relish, carrot pudding, and all the other fancy fixin's that make up the traditional Mauery+Watson Thanksgiving dinner. If we have all those other yummy things, I would have felt the need to have at least one serving of each, maybe two. As it was, I did get to sample everything, and have seconds of stuffing. Mmmmmm.

I also had a little bit of time to play with Acidfree and Google Apps. I helped Darren get his site upgraded to Drupal 4.7 and started to check out Google Apps. It is a very interesting thing, though I am still not sure exactly what it is all about.

Happy Halloween

princess and cowboy

princess and cowboy

We celebrated Halloween in standard young family style. We went to a 'Trunk or Treat' at the church a few days before Halloween. It was offered as a 'safe alternative to Trick or Treating on Halloween night.' I think that EVERY one of those kids there thought of it as another chance to get more candy and still went out on Halloween anyway. Oh well. The kids did enjoy getting dressed up and all the excitement. Nicole understood what was going on a lot better than last year but still insisted on holding a hand at all times. Nathan was much more independent and was prone to wondering off if we didn't keep ahold of him.

The (pre)school girl

bean bagged

bean bagged

Since I wrote about Nathan and all his super-great qualities, I feel the need to report on our super-duper-great girl as well. I guess it must have become commonplace around here that Nicole is no longer a toddler; Nathan has taken that role. Nicole is a big girl.In daddy's shoes

In daddy's shoes

The pants that we used to roll up now fit just right. She can dress herself without any help from us. Her words and phrases get more sophisticated every day.

Girls Rule

After reading Sarah's latest post about Y mountain missing some letters (too funny!), I had to share a quick story from our house.

We were having dinner with some friends recently, and in an effort to get Nicole to finish her dinner, I hinted that we might have something else to eat (i.e., dessert) when she finished her food. She plowed right past my hint and exclaimed, "A treat!" Her expectant response prompted one grown-up friend to say, "Wow, Nicole, you must be spoiled!" Nicole piped right up and replied, "I'm not spoiled, I'm a GIRL!"

Now the question for us is the old nature vs. nurture quandry: are we really spoiling our girl (don't think so), or is dessert an inalienable feminine right? You decide....

Cherry Tree - not just the pits

We beat the squirrels this year! We picked and canned 26 quarts of cherries from our own cherry tree today. If we could reach all the limbs, we would easily have more than 35 quarts. I guess dad's trapping out 20 squirrels last year helped a lot. We only got 2 cherries last year - individual cherries not quarts. Now we will see how they taste.

Book Review: His Excellency George Washington

Whether or not you enjoy history, you must admit that Joseph Ellis can turn a phrase. He skillfully builds the story of George Washington's public life without the mundane details that can quickly mire a biography.

Book Review: The Devil Wears Prada

This is being made into a movie, and I can see why: I think it was written exactly for this purpose! There are all the requisite plot developments and obsession with trendiness to make this an instant teen hit (though how they'll get around the language used in the book remains to be seen), but I hope it doesn't make a smash.

Book Review: The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

One of the most inspiring stories I've read in a long time. This mother's irrepressible optimism and quick wit remind me of Sister Hinckley, and her determination and dedication remind me both of Mom Mauery and and my own mother. Makes me want to stop complaining and find the fun in life -- every minute of it!