we're expecting

After a lot of work and dedication, we're expecting our basement to be finished by the end of july! I had you all going for a second huh?!? I'm still trying to figure out how this website works and I wanted to see where stories ended up.

A lot of books

(This was supposed to be submitted about a year and a half ago. Sorry.)

As the movers were packing up our house, they carried on a jaunty conversation. When they got to our room, I think they were somewhat dismayed at the number of boxes of books (i.e., heavy boxes) we had, since they all had to be carried down stairs. After they got what they thought was all of them packed up, they found the set of encyclopedias I had been hiding under the bed. Not realizing that I was standing just outside the bedroom, one of the movers said, "Man, there's a lot of books." The other replied, "You know who's always got a lot of books?

Book Review: Holes

Most compelling stories contain some sort of "heroic" epic, in which the audience follows the protaganist's symbolic physical journey through actual growth and change. In Holes, we follow the unlikely Stanley Yelnats.

How Mom and Dad's House Caught on Fire

On our way home from the family reunion, we stopped off at Mom and Dad's house. It's a little over halfway from Mary's, and it was a lot cheaper than a motel.

We pulled in around 8:00pm on Friday (Jun 2). Strangely enough, all the kids were asleep so we left them in the car, and went foraging. I raided the freezer and ate all the smoked sausage and cookies. Chanin found something with broccoli in it (it's a pregnancy thing). We watched one of dad's movies, and then got the kids in bed.

We found all of Mom's "secret" chocolate stashes, too. If you ask me, she's getting pretty lax in her concealment tactics, now that nobody's around to hide it from.

The next morning, we got breakfast, made up a bunch of ham and cheese sandwiches, and got ready to leave (turning off the water and hot water heater).

We got the kids in the car, and we both noticed a smoky haze. But since we had seen several burn piles going on our way in, I didn't think much about it. Then I remembered that Mom said we could take what food we wanted, so I went downstairs to forage for some apple juice. I had just found it when I heard Chanin banging on the door.

Apparently, she had decided to investigate the smoke, and went through the carport out to the back and discovered that the back of the house was on fire!

Book Review: Straight Man

Fantastically funny! Russo's depiction of a fractious English department is bang-on and completely hilarious. One of the few books I've read again and again. And it's got a goose -- what more could you ask for?

Book Review: Peace Like A River

Absolutely fantastic. This family dynamic is one you won't soon forget. May we all have a storyteller like Swede in our lives.

Book Review: Life of Pi

I found it to be a very amusing book. Don't read the publisher's words above because it gives away too much information. I am not sure that I agree with the author's conclusions completely (too Ghandi-esque for me) but a colorful yarn is much more interesting to tell and to hear than the boring old doldrums that is far too often the truth.

It was a little bit gory in a few of the details of his survival, but overall, I would say this was a fun read for any young adult. Or even someone as old as me. :)

Mau'apaloosa 2006

For all of you that haven't noticed yet, I posted some pictures of the recent get together. Sorry if there are more pictures of my two cuties than of all of yours. Feel free to add pictures to albums of pictures you took at the reunion/wedding. Just click on the link in navigation to add photo or mass import and then select the appropriate album to put it in (the add photo links don't show up in the album when you view it yet, sorry).

Anyway, I had lots of fun and wish it could have gone longer. I wish we could afford (time and money) to do this more often. Even with the grueling 2 day car ride each way, I enjoyed it. I guess we went on enough long car trips when we were young that my backside is still accustomed to sitting all day in a cramped car.

Please take time to post pictures and add stories/comments/suggestions so we can more use of this website. The whole purpose of this is to help us all stay in touch, but if nobody uses it, I don't really want to bother with keeping it up.

Timothy suggested a book review sort of thing -- I am looking into that. So stay posted for further developments.

False prophets to deceive

I can't remember if it was Nancy or Mary that was the first in our family to pray for a false prophet. But during family prayer, she prayed to bless "Spencer W. Dependable" and all who were listening tried our best to keep reverent to let her finish the prayer.

This morning while watching General Conference, Nicole wanted to know who the elderly man speaking at the pulpit was. When we told her it was President Faust, she said, "No, it's President Wrinkly!" We tried to explain that not all of the old, white-haired, bespectacled men are President Hinckley and finally got her straightened out on the whole Wrinkly/Hinckley thing. Then later, she started talking about President Wrinkly again. So I guess it is still not completely clear.

Discussion: we have the internet!

We have the internet back and I think this website is super cool. Snaps for Vernon. Unfortunately I don't know how many people use it. I love seeing news and pictures of my family. We'll try to get some pictures posted soon. I have some news. We will soon be putting our house up for sale and if it sells before the reunion we will be homeless, or at least in an apartment. Are any of you just dying to have the reunion at your house. We probably could do it out of an apartment but it would add expense to all of you because you'd have to stay at a motel. I don't really know what's going to happen, we want to build but if we find a house already built that we love then we'll have a house and have room for everyone. I know I'm just rambling, I'm tired. Anyway, if you are all set at having the reunion in awesome Rexburg let me know and we'll work on getting it all figured out. Love, Mary

For all those who haven't logged in lately...

The Seattle Mauerys posted some pictures for all to see. All the pictures are private content, so you have to log in to see them. I don't know if that is what Timothy intended, but that is how they are. We can change that if he wants.

Nicole really liked to see pictures of her cousins. And I know she would LOVE to see more pictures of her other cousins too. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. So get out your cameras and post some pictures to share with the family.

And it's acid free, so it will last for years.

I finally have convinced myself that my photo albums are working well enough to let everyone else have a go at them. I have spent a few hours on this (just ask Lauren) — getting it all integrated, pretty, and debugged. Though I am sure that now that it has gone live on this site, many bugs will show up. If that is the case, I will do my best to keep them working and in a sane condition.

Here is how you add your own images.

  1. Select the "create content" link in the navigation box at the left of the screen
  2. Select the "acidfree media" link that appeared below the "create content" link or the one in the middle of the page

Public and private access

I finally got around to making it possible to have public and private content. So when you post stuff now, you have the choice of marking your content as public or private. There is a checkbox that you must uncheck if you want unauthenticated guests to be able to view your post.

So that's where it went!

As you know, we are in our new house. The movers arrived bright and early on June 10th, and we have been unpacking boxes ever since.

As Chanin was unpacking the kitchen boxes, she found a "tasty" little morsel. On the morning that we packed our stuff in South Carolina, we had bagels with strawberry cream cheese. Chanin had only taken one bite of her bagel, and then it mysteriously disappeared.

Well, yesterday, it magically reappeared.

Mau'apaloosa 2005 pictures are available

The 2005 Mauery family reunion pictures are available for all to see. I kind of hacked the album code into drupal, so it mostly works. But this is just to show the beginnings of what we can do with this site. If you go to the Mau'apaloosa 2005 album, you can see all the fun we had at Kamiak Butte. I don't think the pictures turned out as well as they should have because I realized too late that my camera was only in "Normal" mode instead of "Fine" mode. Lauren says I am too picky, but I can readily see artifacts in the pictures and most especially in the darker ones.

Mauery Family Collaboration Site

www.mauery.com is the newly reorganized home for the Mauery family collaboration. Time has been put into this site in hopes that it will be used to simplify communication between family members. Post all you want, be it news, jokes or whatever you want and all will be able to see it. Beware that it is still in the early phases of development and that not all the features that have been discussed are currently supported.

Thanks for your patience and for your time coming to visit the site. Please leave comments and suggestions too.