I don't know where he learned to roll his RRRRRR's but it is pretty cute. Some days he spends the whole day rolling all the r's in his words. So, I told him to say "Ruffles have ridges" like the old Lays potato chips commercials.

He doesn't understand what he is saying and keeps asking me what RRRRRRRidges are. I guess I'll have to buy a bag and explain. Mmmmm....:)

Sunday Afternoon

After church a couple weeks ago I wanted to get some cute pictures of Penny. The sun was out and the grass was green but the Penny was not cooperating. She didn't like sitting in the grass and she WOULD NOT smile. Here are a few of my attempts. She's cute no matter what but I just wanted ONE smile.

We're nuts.......................

Let me tell you why. First, I need to preface this with a little bit of history about our family.

Andrew, the Graduate!

Andrew gratuated from kindergarten on Wednesday and we are so proud of him. He learned a lot this year. At the beginning of the year he didn't even know all his letters and now he's reading. He's very excited for 1st grade!! Here are some pictures of his big day. First is a picture of Andrew with his teacher, Mrs. Jackson (we love Mrs. Jackson!) Here's our little graduate. I love this picture!

Eleven Years and Counting!

I know, I know, I can't believe it either! I'm blogging! My heart is just so full, I thought I should take a sec and blog....

The Best Part of My Weekend

Preschool Zoo Day

Nathan's last field trip was on Monday -- we headed to the Oregon Zoo with all his friends, and Annie in tow. We zipped around at 5-year-old hyperspeed, or at least as fast as I could push the stroller. :)

First stop, elephants:

About 13 exhibits later: sculpture garden

Voila, new lion exhibit! Well, new to us at least. The habitat is beautiful, and the lions were active and majestic, sunning themselves on this rock, and pacing around the enclosure.

We went on inside to see the lions through a thick pane of glass, and one of the females obliged us by coming right up to us and lying down nicely for a photo op:

Can you tell her breath is steaming up the window??? So close!

And then this:

Nathan was outta there so fast he could've been a gazelle. Her paws are as big as my boy's head. Boy, am I glad for that glass.

After our hearts stopped racing, we headed over to his most requested animal: the naked mole rats!

They're hard to see here, but they're awfully cute, little, hairless, rodents, who wiggle around with their eyes closed and live in burrows. I don't get why Nathan loves them, since they're homely and wrinkled and stink to high heaven, but he begged for a visit and I couldn't refuse.

We had a great time with all our preschool friends! I can't believe it's gonna be over in a few weeks. Wee Wisdom, you've been good to us these past four years!

Just dumping photos!

I haven't done a "random picture" post for awhile so I decided to go ahead and do one. These first pictures were taken a couple months ago after church. Who could resist taking a picture of these cuties?This is the Molly we all know and love!

Say Hello to Francie!

So, I did a little research on parakeets and it turns out that you have 2 options. 1)You can have 1 parakeet and tame it and have it as your special friend and hold it and coddle it and all that, or, 2)You can get another parakeet and they can be each other's special friends. I decided to go with option 2 on this one. So, today we were back at PetSmart getting Opal a friend. The kids wanted a green one so here's she is: Francie!Since 2 birds need more space we also had to buy a bigger cage. Luckily we can return the first one we bought. We found a cage that we liked that was on clearance for $69 regularly $139. When they rang it up it showed as being only $17.50. The PetSmart workers discussed it and gave us that price. That is a savings of 87%. I still can't believe we got that kind of deal. The smaller cage was $22.50. Wowsers!! Here are our little ladies in their new home.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

...A bird!! We decided we didn't have enough mouths to feed as it is, so we got ourselves a little parakeet. Her name is Opal and so far life with her has been exciting! When we got home and tried to get her in her cage she flew the coop, literally! She was flying around our kitchen and everytime Joe tried to catch her she would be on the run again. Luckily, Joe is quite brave and was able to grab her (while she was hanging onto him with her beak) and get her back in her new home. Penny loves Opal and couldn't get enough of her flying around our kitchen. In the midst of it all I managed to scatter bird seed all over the kitchen floor! Hopefully this won't be a trend!

Truly Charming

Many of you already know that I have become a stylist for the company Jewel Kade. I'm very excited about this new endeavor and I would love to share it with you. So, hop on over to my new blog at http://www.trulycharming.blogspot.com and get yourself entered into a drawing for a free charm of your choice! Psst. Tell your friends!! Here's a little sneak peek of what you'll see!

How big is Annie....?


{Rachel, I totally stole this from you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?}

Nick Names: Annie Bananie, Growly Bear, Fatness

What makes me squeal: Spinning, my big brother and sister

Eliza's Birthday & Baptism day!


Eliza's baptism pictures

Mad scientist in the house

Nicole participated in her school's science fair a little more than a week ago, but the real fun was watching her dedication to her project: Rotten Apples.

At our house, we find ourselves answering questions covering a WIDE variety of topics, usually before we've even had lunch. One of our recurring topics, though, is decomposition and decay. The kids want to know how long it would take [name any household item (i.e., refrigerator, fish tank, fork, little sister, etc.)] to decay. So we set up Nicole's science project to yield us some icky, decomposed, gooey shtuff.

Prepared, Nicole is. We started well in advance, and she checked on her specimens weekly to record their changes. But her favorite part, I think, was preparing her display board for the actual fair. Here's my girl, hard at work:

Nickel for Nathan

Apparently, it takes a birthday to get me to post anything new here (plans to fix that are in the works), but I couldn't let Nathan's 5th birthday slide by without posting about my fabulous boy. He's been dreaming of a "Builder Party" for a good 6 months, so I couldn't wuss out and take him to Safari Sam's or something easy like that. Nope. Mama delivers with a construction-themed cake:

Uranus Project

Dallin had a project to do on the planet Uranus. He had to make a model and write a report. He also chose to make a poster. Of course we procrastinated and waited until the last day to finish it up. I think it turned out pretty neat. Good job Dallin!Did you know Uranus is the farthest planet you can see without a telescope?? You do now!

Teacher appreciation!

So, next week is Teacher Appreciation at the kids' school. I've never done anything for the teachers in the past but this year I decided it would be fun to thank the teacher's for doing such a good job. I thought it would be fun to make them each a cute pencil holder to put on their desks. I think they turned out really cute and I'm contemplating making one for myself! I hope the teachers like them. The first one is for Andrew's teacher; Mrs. Jackson, the second is for Eliza's teacher; Mrs. Westwook, and the third is for Dallin's teacher; Mrs.

Forced to change.....

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One Hairy Mess!!

Our Little Ryan has always had a lot of curly hair. 
In fact, the longer it gets the bigger the curls get.