New Neighbors

I was taking the kids to their art class and Ariana swore she saw a bald eagle.

I told her it was probably a plastic eagle that someone put up to scare the crows away from their garden.  But on the way back home from dropping them off I saw not ONE but TWO bald eagles in the tree.

3-14-2010, Pi, Pie, ?

Ryan loves pie.  He asks for it regularly for Family Home Evening.  Last month he insisted we celebrated Pi day.  It was 3/14.  Does that make sense?

 Pi =3.1415926535

So, we even set the alarm for 3/14 1:59:26.  Hurray! 

In honor of the day our handsome daddy made this pumpkin pie.  He opened the oven and etched the pi symbol into the top.  You know how a pumpkin pie usually cracks in the middle?  When this one cracked it cracked into a perfect pi symbol.

Happy Pi Day!

Job Charts

We have a new job system at our house.  The kids are busy earning fun things.
Holly wanted to earn a set of nails.  We played salon last weekend.  If you have gotta check out this site:

Jay-zo buggy......

Hey, me your new pajamas!
Aw, please smile for me?
Okay, those were funny faces.

Nephi Hills

My oldest Brother was doing his Eagle Scout project many years ago.  We planted 500 trees in a forest burn area in Nephi, Utah.  It was a grueling day.  500 holes is a lot to dig, no matter how excited  you are when you start.
       As we got home, Mom threw together a dish made of leftovers.  (Something she can do like a queen.  My mom can come to my house and look in the fridge.  I will only have half a jar of pickles, some ketchup, and a dish of leftover noodles.  She will whip around the kitchen and serve us a gourmet meal.  I don't know how she does it!)

Piano Festivals

Last Saturday Dallin got to participate in Festivals this year for the first time and he really enjoyed it. He had to memorize 2 songs and play a 2 octave scale in front of a judge. He practiced hard and it sure paid off. He scored 99 out of 100 points. Some of the judge's comments were: "Fine interpretation, great dynamics, well prepared, good strong chords and control, and you have a great talent!" The 2 songs he played were, "Trumpet Tune" and "Jiggity Jig." Here's a video of Dallin playing "Jiggity Jig" in the lobby afterwards.

The Caring Carnivore

Last night, Lauren and I watched Food, Inc. because it was the next thing in the queue. I had put it on the list quite some time ago, but had forgotten about it until it showed up in our mailbox. I know that half the point of the movie is to shock, shame, coerce, cajole, or otherwise convince you to save the planet and shun The Man. In this case, The Man is a few corporate agriculture giants that deliver the vast majority of the 'food' everyone in America eats. We are talking of companies like ConAgra, Monsanto, Tyson, etc.

Family Fun!

Wednesday afternoon we packed up the car with kids, milk jugs, and guns and picked up the kids from school and headed to the desert. Joseph and Dallin have been talking about going shooting for months and we finally had a window of time we could go do it. Here's the pro taking his turn!Here's the targets (no, that isn't our microwave):Joe took one kid out at a time and helped them shoot his .22 (I think that's what it's called!) While the other kids were waiting they had fun in the car either watching the jugs get hid or climbing over the seats.

Baseball's Opening Day

Dallin decided he wanted to play baseball again this year. It's his first year of regular kid pitched baseball. Last year it was coach pitch and they didn't even keep score. This year they had a draft and everything. We're talking big time folks! His team is the Colorado Rockies (from Idaho). So far he's had a fun time practicing with his team. Tonight they had "Opening Day" for all the teams to get their shirts and hats and have pictures taken. Oh yeah, they also had hotdogs and drinks for everyone but that didn't really pan out...that's a whole other story. We ended up having dinner at Dairy Queen.

Kid-isms revisited

****Jaren: Oh, man!  Why does my neck always stop!
(He had his chin turned all the way over to his right shoulder)
 I wish it could go 'round.  I never get to see my back!

****Holly: I know what "Passed away" means now.
Ariana: It means to pull up the anchor and push your boat away.
Holly:  blank stare..........

(I then proceeded to clear the confusion between "cast-away" and "passed away")

****We homeschool and so I teach the kids handwriting lessons.  We were talking about sloppy handwriting and how the computer has introduced an even lazier generation as far as penmanship is concerned.  After the lesson I tried to reiterate the message by asking the kids,


Thoughts on being 30:

  • Since it was my "golden birthday," my kids thought we should do lots of 30 things to celebrate. I passed on the 30 party hats, 30 presents, and 30 cakes (30 lbs., anyone?). But I did get 30 balloons and 30 tulips!

Penny's 1st Birthday!

On April 4th our little baby turned ONE! I can't believe she's already that old! I remember her birth like it was yesterday. This year has just flown by. Penny is such a fun little girl and we all love her to pieces. Some of the things Penny has done in her first year include:
1. She's been walking for a month and a half and is so cute doing it. It's weird to see something so little walking around like it's no big deal!
2. She can say lots of words, some of them are: Hi! Momma, Dad, Eliza, Yeah, Uh-oh, meow, woof.
3. She can shake her head no, clap her hands, play peek-a-boo.
4. She likes to be held and is getting quite particular about when and where she wants to be held.
5. She's a great eater and we can't figure out how she can't eat so much and still only weigh 15 pounds.
Overall Penny is a super kid and we are so glad she's part of our family. Now, take a walk down memory lane with me. Here is Penny minutes after she was born.Here she is a few weeks old. So tiny!
Here's the Birthday Girl!! She wasn't quite sure what was expected of her. Once the kids showed her what to do she got mad at them for continuing to help her.She was very interested in what came out of the package. A cute new outfit from Grandma and Grandpa M.She just kept patting this package. The kids again had to show her what she was supposed to do.

Here she is with her new boom box! Look at Molly in the background. She wasn't very happy that nothing was for her. Notice the baby she's holding, that's another of Penny's gifts. Molly adopted it as her's.
Since's Penny's birthday fell on Easter this year I made her an Easter Egg cake. It was easy and still cute.
Singing Happy Birthday!Penny absolutely loved eating the cake. She was grabbing it and stuffing it in her mouth as fast as she could. Here's a little video of her eating. By this time though she had kind of slowed down.

She had 2 plates of cake!!
This past year was so fun having Penny in our home and we can't wait to see all the fun things she does this year. We sure do love you Penny Pie!

Annual Egg Dye Fest 2010

After lunch I boiled up 48 eggs and let the games begin! The kids each had their own technique for dying the eggs. Dallin was a thinker and had a plan for each egg.Matthew did about 4 green before he realized there were other colors!
Eliza was meticulous in drawing on all her eggs. For one she kept saying, "I'm making an evil egg." When she finally pulled it out of the dye this is what it looked like! We all got a good laugh.

Ducklings, bunnies, and chicks, oh my!

After lunch today we headed to CAL Ranch to see the baby animals they had there. Molly loved just standing there watching the animals.They liked watching the baby chicks jump over each other.I think Molly would have been content to watch them all day.


Today was day 2 of Spring Break. I'm using the term "Spring" loosely because it has been winter weather here. If only the snow would stop falling. Anyway, instead of flying kites or having picnics we spent our day doing things indoor. After going to CAL Ranch to see the baby animals we made our way to the Rex and did a round of bowling. It started out fine but after 70 frames the little kids were done. I think the last 3 round Dallin, Eliza, and Andrew bowled for everyone else. Here's Molly amazed that there's such a thing as "real" bowling, all she's known up until today was the Wii.I love this look of concentration.

Roses Just Because

Joseph surprised my with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates! In the note he said something about how much he loved me or something! I think I'll keep him!

Penny Planes

Dallin had a project in school recently where he needed to make something to sell for a section in economics and then bring it to school and sell it. The only rule was that you couldn't buy anything to make it. I was going to have him make some paper clip necklaces and sell them to all the girls. Joe didn't know about my lame idea and he came up with the idea of making some airplanes out of balsa wood (thanks Grandpa Comstock!). Obviously Joe's idea was better than mine, I admit it! So, Joe and Dallin came up with some patterns and started working together. They made 4 planes and tested them. Turns out they needed some weight added, so they added some pennies and called them Penny Planes. Dallin painted them with the help of Eliza (Molly even helped. After I tucked her in that night I heard some noise upstairs. I went up to investigate and Molly was sitting at the table with the leftover paint, repainting one of the planes wings. Oops! She was even using a different color! What a good helper.) Anyway, the morning the project was due Dallin woke up throwing up and didn't get to be at school to sell them.

Grillin' in the snow!

This evening for dinner I decided I wanted hamburgers on the barby. The weather was cold but dry when I turned on the grill. By the time I got the burgers on, the snow had started falling. Brrr. This is how we jump into spring in Rexburg! After Family Night the kids wanted to go outside and watch Joe do some stuff with his RC airplane. It was pretty cold out and here's Eliza all bundled up. For anyone who has seen the movie Penelope, Eliza was trying to look like her.

Sister's Retreat 2010

So, awhile back I got this idea in my head that it would be fun to take Penny and go for a 2 day visit to my sister, Sarah's house. She liked the idea and soon I had my bus ticket and she had the agenda planned. Two days isn't very long but we managed to pack every minute full of fun-ness. I left my house at 1:45 AM Monday morning and rode the 6 hour bus ride to the Boise airport. The ride was long and VERY loud. It sounded like some screws were loose and the thing was going to fall apart. Penny slept more than I did! Once at the airport I got Penny changed and put in my contacts (without a mirror!) and then the fun began. I tried to document our trip with pictures but half the time forgot to take pictures. Our first stop of the day was Great Harvest for breakfast. We shared their giant cinnamon roll. Then off to Old Navy to waste time until Costco opened. I love Costco and wish there was one in Rexburg. Sarah said I had the look of awe and wonder throughout the whole store. I got what I was going for though, MUFFINS!! Both of us picked up some Melatonin supplement; I wonder why we'd ever need that!

The Shamrock Dance

Last Saturday night I got to go on a super fun date with Joseph. We really enjoyed our time together dancing and laughing and holding each other close.