So that's where it went!

As you know, we are in our new house. The movers arrived bright and early on June 10th, and we have been unpacking boxes ever since.

As Chanin was unpacking the kitchen boxes, she found a "tasty" little morsel. On the morning that we packed our stuff in South Carolina, we had bagels with strawberry cream cheese. Chanin had only taken one bite of her bagel, and then it mysteriously disappeared.

Well, yesterday, it magically reappeared. Apparently, one of the packers thought that we had a collection of "fake" bagels, and that, even with the unusually realistic bite taken from it, the bagel on the counter needed to be packed with the rest of our belongings.

Surprisingly, it weathered the trip and subsequent storage rather well. I mean, you wouldn't want to eat it, but it didn't get moldy or slimy like you would think.

So, the moral of the story is: never leave a bagel on the counter when there are box-wielding, minimum-wage earning men running around in your kitchen.