New Feature - Subscriptions

Because it took me way too long to check out the website after Mary posted her good news, I figured I should finally do something about it. I whipped up something special similar to an older Drupal module called subscriptions. Basically, you can subscribe to any type of post: acidfree items, book reviews, forum topics, and stories. Once you have subscribed, the website will send you the contents of each post and then the contents of each comment posted.

This way, if you are an obsessive compulsive email checker like me, but have a hard time making it to the website regularly, you can keep up with all the latest family news right in your inbox.

Since this is a new feature and some people may not find it on their own, I have gone ahead and subscribed everyone.

To change your subscriptions, click on the 'my account' link in the menu on the left once you have logged in. Then select the types of content you want to be subscribed to and hit 'submit'