Recent subscription outages

It was brought to my attention that when images were posted, nobody was notified. Well, it turns out that Chanin was, but all she got was a link to the new entry. But that was a fairly useless email. So I took it upon myself to update the subscription module so that it would handle images better. And this is your result. Unfortunately, it took me longer than I intended and for a while while I was working on it, subscriptions didn't work at all. But it should be working now.

The new feature is that now whenever an image from this website is included in a post (be it an image post or a story/blog/forum post with an inline image) it will be included in the email. I realize that this means all the dial-up users will get some larger emails when images are posted, but you can always just notify me if it is too much. The images included should be small (~100kB) so it shouldn't be too much of a burden. As an example of how this works, if you want to include an inline image in a post, you simply write something like: [acidfree:3266] which will add something like the picture to the left of this paragraph. The number 3266 in this case is the node id of the image. To find this, browse the website for the image you want. Find the image and view the medium sized image. Look at the url for something that looks like and use the number at the end of the url as the node id. To make the image show up on the right of the paragraph instead of the left, use something like: [acidfree:3266 align=right]. For a full listing of all the options you can use to change how the image is shown, you can visit

I hope you all find this new feature to be an enjoyable enhancement to